You will feel an increase in your energy levels if you listen to our advice. We willl try to make it fun. Your efficiency will improve and you will feel more achieved and safe in your own body ready to take on the world.


3 months

Investment: $300

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No more confusion regarding your food or your daily habits and schedules, nor insecurity about your menus and your acquaintances and surroundings.

You will feel an increase in your energy levels, in your mood. Your efficiency will improve and you will feel achieved and safe.

You will make better decisions that are more in tune with your goals and your personal desires. You will have less stress and consequently improve your quality of sleep and your quality of life. You will learn to be more consistent and disciplined, even more than you thought ever possible.


It is not a rigorous diet or anything like that! It is an integral adjustment in your lifestyle.

It is not about eating too little and exercising too much. It is not about shaping a new you in a stressful way of any kind.

You do not have to become another person or spend excessively to get to make adjustments that will improve your lifestyle and your life in general.


  • 3 month commitment
  • Appointments will be made via video call or Skype for 60 minutes each, once a week. Let me know if you are around my area and desire to meet up some quiet place we can chat.
  • Unlimited support via email for 3 months
  • Process notes so you can study and understand your process and the things that are causing you discomfort or stress and thus learn to manage your emotions as well as being prepared for any adversity.