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I can understand as a mother that seeing our children struggle with their objectives can be concerning. Especially if it is something that is difficult most of the time. Lack of motivation can be frustrating. We all love our children and want to do everything that is e possible to help them reach their full potential.

Currently, it has become very common for parents to take their children or teenagers to therapists when several problems arise. While therapy certainly has a good outcome when working through profound psychological problems, extreme trauma or with certain diagnosed mental health conditions, is it really the best option for an emotionally healthy child who simply needs help in managing their schedules or even the management of their resources, friendships, and other factors that keep them from performing their tasks? If so, this package is for you.

Your child needs a coach and not a psychologist. Life coaches offer that extra motivation and structure that your child lacks when they need to focus.

What to expect?

A life coach will work with your child as a partner and ally and will not make your son/daughter feel like a problem. Instead he or she will feel empowered. This way he or she can perform all tasks and goals with less unnecessary stress or conflict. We will work together to figure out a personalized plan, guiding objectives and measures of progress.

Training increases your self-esteem by allowing your child to have access to a wide variety of tools that will help him reach his full potential. These may include: learning to be organized, assume personal responsibilities, learn positive ways to participate socially and also how to balance school, social activities and family life.

Like adults, children and young people sometimes realize that something in their life needs to change but they may find it difficult to identify precisely what that something is. Life coaches know the right questions to ask to allowchildren or youngster to draw their own conclusions about which areas of their life they could improve.

Motivation via whatsapp or email if desired by the parents. With these messages we will try to let you know that we are present assist you in the best way. I can easily get along with young people and that can make things a lot easier.

What not to expect?

We will not be involved in discussions between father and mother and children or any individual. If the parent obtains this package it is because the person coached has already agreed to try it out. We will talk to the academic facilities if they need our testimony that your child is trying to overcome in those weak areas. However, the final word will always be given by the institution and we will respect their decision.

We will not be responsible for the tasks assigned to your childthat are not completed. We can assist them to carry out school or university tasks so that we can try to form a schedule and better habits. The package will be based on agreements that all parties will try to follow in the most sincere way possible.
Your child is fully responsible for completing the work assigned in our absence.