A full session focused on a topic that you want to try your best to solve. Coaching willtry to give you a different and more efficient perspective.


1 hour via skype or video call (you will be asked to fill in a general questionnaire before carrying out the coaching session)

Investment: $80

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A full session focused on a topic that you need to solve since it is taking too much of your time and it is also causing you stress. You will find the motivation and extra perspective you need from a situation. This will enable you to get to a conclusion as well as moving forward towards your goals. We will figure out what is it that keeps you from creating your vision or solving a problem. The topics will vary as every person comes with a different set of needs and aspirations.


  • 1 hour video call
  • 1 month of unlimited support via emails and whatsapp
  • Notes and schedules to carry out what you need to do or fulfill to manage your life according to your needs and objectives.


This coaching aims to give you the motivation and the different approach you require to move faster towards your goals or your short-term plans. A different perspective is hard to get when you are all alone with your troubles and not everyone will have the right emotional inteligence to give you the perfect advice as this is very personal to you. The process, the execution and the sincerity in which the process is covered will depend entirely on the client.