Digital entrepreneurship can make things much easier and it can open up new opportunities. We can still push your buttons if your creative venture does not involve online platforms.


4 weekly sessions of 1 hour and 15 minutes via Skype. The client will manage the time as desired

Investment: Starting at $400


Digital entrepreneurship can make things much easier and it can open up new opportunities. The digital entrepreneur is one who performs the tasks generally in digital media and technology-related channels. In order to do this, they need to develop “branding”. Being a digital entrepreneur is the perfect way to create a business without having to resort to fixed expenses such as paying rent, staff bills, water bill, electricity bill or municipal fees etc.

Also, it is possible that you already have your business established but you are looking to refresh it as well as trying to catch up with technology and your competition game.

The client may have professional concerns, creative blocks, lifestyle problems etc, and he may face a range of challenges that arise from wanting and needing to create, yet they do not know how to. Digital ventures need to be systematized so that they can become something fruitful and not something stressful.


The creative process is a unique challenge because the way to create is not that it is difficult, it is only complex, strategic and methodical. Basically it is about generating a system so that the client can understand more and thus be able to continue alone and bring their business to that place they envision. We have to keep in mind that the digital world is not the future, it is already our present.

In this type of coaching I will help you navigate the creative process in the most organized way and thus optimize the use of your time and money to carry out your project without all the unnecessary stress.

  • You will reduce the waste of time, money, stress, creative anxiety and energy.
  • You will be assisted by a very creative person and very sensitive to what are the latest trends.
  • You will be assisted to learn how to use digital platforms in the best way and to be able to compete with the current demand.
  • You will work without doubts towards your idea. Basically you will replace frustration with inspiration so you can connect with your ideas.
  • Operation schedules to carry out the creative process with a logical and productive order.


The graphic design and the realization of the project is all the client’s responsibility. I will guide you through the process in the most comfortable way, price-wiseand time-wise.

All administrative or financial procedures should be carried out by the client.