Years ago people in general have considered personal trainers as health and personal well-being gurus. However, to achieve good health in a more comprehensive way there is much more than agood physical state. Today there are many resources for people interested in renewing their lives in a more pleasant, realistic and balanced way.

Wellness coaches and life coaches are the future of health education. They are experts in transforming lives. People around the world are reaping the personal benefits that come from wellness coaching and there are numerous services, often unknown, that a wellness coach can provide. So, a multifaceted approach to health makes a difference. Imagine being able to consult with a person who will help you with your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It basically sounds like an offer than one cannot refuse.

What is a Wellness Coach or a Life coach?

Wellness trainers are health professionals who focus not only on physical fitness but also on the mind, spirit and lifestyle of an individual.

These professionals have a great understanding of psychology and people’s behavior when it comes to health. It can help you set goals in many areas of your life such as diet, exercise, emotional health, occupational health and how to increase your motivation (and also maintain it) to achieve your goals in a more daily and safe way. Wellness and life coaches are lifestyle designers.

Like having a sports coach, a wellness coach can guide you to achieve your aspirations and your main objetives in the most efficiente ways. Wellness trainers can also help you learn ways to prevent disease or better manage a disease or condition that you may be suffering or encountering.

Wellness coaching requires a unique set of skills that are not taught in traditional training programs for physical trainers. A wellness coach works with people or groups who want to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their health and well-being.

A Wellness and Life coach is known for his ability to help you discover the healthiest and most effective way to achieve your goals. It is an association that is often much deeper than a doctor / patient relationship. The reason why is because the subject will be treated with much depth.

The approach is oriented towards the future and encourages you as a client to focus on future goals in a more solid way, thus guaranteeing you a greater probability of meeting your goals. It is also learning to do things with a good pace from a professional. In this way, clientes will be learning how to apply it to more situations in their lives and therefore solve situations with greater emotional intelligence and effectiveness.

What is it like to work with a Wellness Coach?

Normally it will begin with a general evaluation. An evaluation will consist of talking about your general health and well-being, diet and lifestyle.
Your wellness coach will work with you to develop goals and a schedule of steps to become an achiever and remain no longer a wisher.
Most clients work with their trainers for a period of 3 to 6 months. Some schedule sporadic individual appointments as situations arise. It is very personal as it has to be felt. These are usually realistic amounts of time to benefit from the services and maintain consistency in your routine. You may even find it helpful to follow up with your wellness coach several times a year.

The commitment is entirely up to you. The wellness coaches provide great value if you are looking to develop a general change in your lifestyle. Health is the best investment as without it there is nothing else.

Where do the Wellness Coaches work?

They can work independently and can also work in different institutions of different fields. Many times people hire them to motivate the staff of their companies to keep them informed about the benefits of leading healthy and active lives according to their goals and their needs.
They can also work in hospitals, in schools, colleges, universities, in rehabilitation clinics, in spas, fitness centers, health clubs, resorts, in corporate businesses, in private groups and they can also give talks and workshops for specific topics. You don’t have to be sick or entangled with a routine to qualify as a person who needs coaching. It is extremely personal and a personal strategy will be created to achieve objectives.

Corporate Wellness Programs: What are they?

Recognizing that we spend most of our time at work, business environments have begun corporate wellness programs to promote the role of exercise and diet in health as well as stress management.

Corporate Wellness programs generally adapt to the individual needs and resources of the company. These programs include a variety of activities such as health education, smoking cessation initiatives and incentives for fitness, emotional well-being, stress management, creating better relationships with food, family care and financial well-being.

While our bodies move less, we work more and more hours, at a faster pace, and the “always active” culture along with job uncertainty and economic instability can generate mental stress. These can lead to anxiety disorders and depression. Corporate Wellness Programs play a vital role in the workplace. Research on well-being in the workplace grows almost daily. Having happy employees is undoubtedly the best asset in any business.

When do we need a Wellness Coach?

We all have different desires and needs so our reasons for going to a wellness coach can vary greatly between one person and another. If you think you can see yourself benefiting from a person who helps you sort your thoughts, your emotions, your routines, your list of priorities and also focuses on doing so in a way that is beneficial to your health then it is time to try a wellness coach ! You must remember, always, health is the greatest asset.

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