Pamela Castro

Hello humans! My name is Pamela Castro and I was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica. I am 37 years old. I studied Interior Design (with an emphasis on commercial spaces) as well as Visual Merchandising. I studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am a graduate of the University of Palermo. Until recently, I was a vintage clothing merchant with my own online business. The concept was fun, efficient and stylish. Thanks to that business, people wanted to hear my story and I started giving lectures about entrepreneurship and vintage clothing. Now I am fully dedicated to everything that is coaching and wellness. I am certified as a Wellness Coach and Life Coach of American Fitness Professionals and Associates.

I have a son and his name is Gael. He is 5 years old. My lifestyle is balanced (if you can call it that) and somewhat peculiar but never ever boring. I consider myself a relaxed and attentive, modern mother and individual. At home I like to listen and play music (or try to) because music is very important to me and it is a form of meditation. I enjoy liberal arts and design very much as well. I also enjoy traveling and eating yummy food. Exercising and having an active life is key to my happiness. I love connecting with nature!

I like to learn and soak myself in new adventures that keep me active and productive physically and intellectually. I consider myself as curious, positive, cheerful and also a creative individual. I was born with a restless mind and I am always looking to do fun things.

A few years ago my life felt more drawn to understanding how there is a relationship between mind and body that dictates our quality of life and overall health (both physically and mentally), and since then I have been learning about the subject. The Wellness Romantic is my newest venture where I am going to teach people all about healthy living using art as a channel to communicate my ideas as well as a healing tool. Let us remember when we were kids and we were amazed by everything, everything felt like a discovering magic. I intend to bring that feeling back. Sometimes life gets too serious and we forget how to play through it.

It is my intention that in this very space we all learn together about the internal and external factors that shape our lives, minds and bodies and thus be able to flow through life in the most pleasant way possible.

My goal is to help all those individuals who need guidance to identify and overcome personal labyrinths in a patient, healthy and everyday way.

Many times it is difficult to be self-critical and it is something that delays us or even stops us from reaching “that goal” and “those places”.

My approach is to work hand in hand with strengths and at the same time recognizing weak areas to know how to cover a situation in the best way.

My greatest desire is to scoop out the best qualities out of all those people who are willing to discover the improved version of themselves. I believe that limitations exist only in our minds because we have the ability to reprogram ourselves and achieve what is truly desired. You could be surprised if you allow yourself to! I say this from a personal outlook. I learned how to to live a better and happier life myself.

Welcome to my most recent adventure. With love and with the desire to vibrate in a frequency in which self-esteem, creativity, honesty, understanding and courage arise… but above all with grace and authenticity!

Pamela Castro

Why the name “The Wellness Romantic”?

I have always considered myself a passionate individual of many things. Among those things I am a very big fan of Art History and art in general, all seven kinds. Music is very important to me too!

I love the Romantic period in particular. Now, I am also passionate about everything that has to do with Wellness! So there you go! And quite frankly I am crazy about The Weekend. I love his music and it has gotten me through a lot this last 5 years of my life. So, The Weekend and The Wellness Romantic, go figure.

And what is that?… Romanticism?

It is an artistic and cultural movement that was mainly characterized by exalting individual freedom in all its forms. The freedom that Romanticism seeks and defends is expressed through the individual subjectivity of emotions.

The Romantics established a positive attitude towards nature that would lead them to establish an affective proximity with themselves, their reality and their environment.
It is said that it was in the field of music where Romantic feelings found their best means of expression.

It is said that it was in the field of music where Romantic feelings found their best means of expression.

Well known works and personalities of the Romantic Period:

  • “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais
  • “The Soul Of The Rose” by John William Waterhouse
  • “Rain, Steam and Speed” by William Turner
  • “Les Miserables”by Victor Hugo
  • “The Wonderer Above The Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich
  • “Dracula”by Bram Stocker
  • “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly
  • “Songs Without Words” by Felix Mendelssohn
  • “Nocturne in B flat minor, op 9. No1: Larghetto”by Frederic Chopin
  • “Liebestraum” by Franz Listz
  • Some people call Gustav Klimt the Last Romantic, I am one of those.

And what is Wellness?

Wellness represents a concept of integral health in which you want to harmonize the body, spirit and soul. The term is a derivation of the words well-being (wellness), fitness (fitness) and happiness (happiness) and describes a state of healthy balance between mind, body and spirit; a balance that translates into a feeling of total well-being.